Big Data Platform


The HARMONY BigData Platform is a central repository where the anonymous data donated by our partners and Associated Members is collected securely following all legal and ethical requirements, harmonized and then analyzed. Here emerge various data sets from different data providers – pharma, biobanks, hospitals, interventional, and non-interventional trials.

The HARMONY BigData Platform is guided by one goal: to accelerate the development of more effective treatments for people with blood cancer. Already over 140 organizations from all over Europe joined the mission to improve the treatment and quality of care for patients with Hematologic Malignancies. Over 45.000 patients datasets have been identified by December 2019, to help algorithms in search of new knowledge. It’s one of the most significant international projects of this kind.

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The HARMONY BigData Platform is about thinking big, cooperation, and transparency.

Having the data, our researchers and data scientists can focus on finding answers to four questions:
·       How can we diagnose patients faster and with greater precision?
·       What are the best practices that could help doctors in making better treatment decisions?
·       How can we tackle the unmet needs of patients?
·       What is the best way to make progress in new drug development?

For the first time in the history of humankind, we can tackle these issues using advanced data analysis methods based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. 

Who has already submitted data to the Hematology Big Data Platform?

Data is coming from all over Europe. Check out who are sharing their data: the HARMONY Partners, the Patient Cluster and Associated Members. In addition explore how the HARMONY Big Data analytic tools are used: view the HARMONY Research Projects. 45 000 data sets of blood cancer patients have already been identified and are being transferred into the HARMONY Big Data Platform.

A visual impression of the HARMONY Big Data Platform

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HARMONY Projects address specific research questions. 

Relevant outcomes for patients and caregivers are defined for each Hematologic Malignancy. View the HARMONY Research Projects to learn more about the challenge, partnership, project lead, envisioned impact.