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Highlights: HARMONY Alliance attendance at the 61st ASH Annual Meeting

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The 61st American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting (December 07–10, Orlando, USA) provided an excellent opportunity for hematology professionals to learn about and engage with the HARMONY Alliance. At our breakfast meeting, we shared exciting updates on the progress of HARMONY’s research projects and our poster presentation showcased the meaningful evidence being generated by HARMONY in multiple myeloma (MM).

The ELN-HARMONY breakfast meeting

Our breakfast meeting was held in collaboration with our valued Partner– ELN Foundation (European LeukemiaNet). During the meeting, HARMONY Project Leads shared status updates and preliminary findings of the ongoing HARMONY Research Projects in 7 Hematologic Malignancies. The objectives of the HARMONY Alliance to acquire more data, initiate novel Research Projects and increase the number of scientific publications communicating research outcomes, were also discussed among the presenters and attendees.

The HARMONY poster presentation

Dr Mattia D’Agostino, leader of the HARMONY Research Project in Multiple Myeloma (MM), presented a scientific poster outlining their improvements of the current prognostic tool for MM. Using 5584 patient records from the HARMONY Big Data Platform, researchers identified new parameters to improve the tool – the Revised International Staging System – to stage the disease, predict prognosis and subsequently select the most appropriate treatment for patients with MM.

HARMONY Research Projects are developing in collaboration with the HARMONY Patient Cluster to ensure a patient-centered approach. Myeloma Patients Europe, one of Patient organizations of the HARMONY Patient Cluster, has helped to progress the research that was presented at ASH. Read their views on HARMONY’s improvements to the clinical tool on the Myeloma Patients Europe website.

HARMONY Ambassadors presenting at the ELN-HARMONY Breakfast meeting at ASH2010 were: Jesús María Hernández Rivas, IBSAL - Guillermo Sanz, Fundación para la Investigación del Hospital Universitario La Fe de la Comunidad Valenciana - Lars Bullinger, Charite - Mattia D’Agostino, University of Turin - Pierre Fenaux, GFM and hôpital St Louis Paris - Valeria Santini, University of Florence - Natacha Bolaños, Lymphoma Coalition - Anthony Moorman, Newcastle University - Maria Theresa Voso, Tor Vergata University-Rome  - Pam Bacon, Celgene. 

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