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Meanwhile in the USA: a $215-million infusion to support immunotherapy work

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A new public- private alliance to foster cancer research in US. Cancer "Moon Shot" Effort Nets New Funds with NIH–Pharma Partnership. $215-million infusion to support immunotherapy work, the american counterpart of HARMONY.

The National Institutes of Health in the USA announced a $215 million public-private partnership with 11 pharmaceutical companies in what the agency bills as a significant next step in its cancer moonshot. The Partnership for Accelerating Cancer Therapies, or PACT, is a five-year agreement to push ahead with research that seeks to “identify, develop and validate robust biomarkers — standardized biological markers of disease and treatment response — to advance new immunotherapy treatments that harness the immune system to attack cancer,” the agency said.

The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, an established nonprofit that manages public-private partnerships involving the NIH, will oversee the initiative. “We have seen dramatic responses from immunotherapy, often eradicating cancer completely for some cancer patients,” Dr. Francis Collins, the NIH director, said in a statement. “We need to bring that kind of success — and hope — for more people and more types of cancers, and we need to do it quickly. A systematic approach like PACT will help us to achieve success faster.” Each of the industry partners will contribute $1 million a year to the initiative, for a total of $55 million, while the NIH will provide $160 million in support over the next five years.

Read the Scientific American full article.

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