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The HARMONY Alliance was established in January 2017. This website offers a first glance of who we are and what we offer.

We are currently in the process to collect valuable information for patients and patient organizations in close collaboration with LeukaNET and other HARMONY Alliance Partners.

"HARMONY helps to improve the prognosis and outcome of patients with hematological cancers, and is driven by knowledge derived from the combination and analysis of complex data. However, this will only make a difference to real patients if the evidence, findings and outcomes of the project are meaningful and relevant not only to patients, but also to medicines authorities, health technology assessment bodies, payers and policy makers. Through its Stakeholder Forum, HARMONY will collect input from patient organizations and all other stakeholders to discuss needs, gaps, opportunities and barriers, thus informing the implementation of the project across work packages. HARMONY will also support the decision-making process of regulators, HTA bodies and payers by assessing and developing hematology-specific evidence frameworks and clinical value frameworks that will help to quantify the therapeutic value of innovative technologies."

Quote by Jan Geissler, HARMONY WP6 Leader, Founder and CEO LeukaNET

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