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Our Vision

Healthcare Alliance for Resourceful Medicine Offensive against Neoplasms in Hematology. A Public-Private Partnership with 53 Partners from 11 Countries.


Registration of novel drug compounds is increasingly difficult, costly, and time-consuming, which prevents many patients from receiving the right treatment in time. This is particularly true of compounds targeting small patient populations, as is often the case with blood cancers. Thus, many patients with hematologic malignancies (HMs) have unmet needs that must be addressed. 

One important barrier to drug registration is the need to provide outcome criteria, such as overall survival rates, a requirement that is hard to meet in the case of extremely small patient populations. As a result, promising new treatments are delayed or are considered to be too costly to develop. This situation calls for more efficient treatment development and regulatory evaluation.

We trust that, by making use of today’s Big Data technologies, we can accelerate more efficient drug development, regulatory evaluation, access appraisal, and treatment strategies.

Part of the solution lies in developing new tools, which will be based on the analysis of Big Data. In light of this, the HARMONY Alliance, a European Network of Excellence in Hematology, has been established. HARMONY will enable a critical mass of data to be collected on the recent progress that has been made in the areas of pharmacology and in real-time, “real-life” hematology. HARMONY recognizes that more efficient drug and treatment development can be achieved through concerted action on the part of a multidisciplinary partnership of stakeholders. This is what the partners of the HARMONY Alliance stand for. 

We believe that better therapy access and improved care for patients with various hematologic malignancies (HMs) can be provided by empowering clinicians, patients and policy stakeholders.

We will support our vision by proving the value of innovative therapies for HMs.