HARMONY’s main purpose is collecting multidisciplinary European data sources to respond to clinical questions and implement new treatment strategies on blood diseases. In order to achieve this goal, we are aiming to bring together the whole European hematological community.

HARMONY Partners

53 Public and Private Organizations have signed the Grant Agreement with the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI2 JU). These public and private organizations form the HARMONY Alliance, which brings together key stakeholders from a broad spectrum of disciplines from 11 European countries. Expertise is drawn from academic institutions, national clinical disease networks, European organizations, patient advocacy groups, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as regulatory agencies, experts in economics and ethics, and information and technology (ICT) specialists. Link to all current Partners >

HARMONY Patient Cluster

The HARMONY Patient Cluster is a unique group of 7 European Patient Umbrella Organizations working in the different areas of hematological diseases within the HARMONY Alliance. The 7 Patient Organizations combine years of expertise in patient-led scientific research and policy advocacy, and use this experience to the benefit of the affected patient communities. The Patient Cluster and their patient communities are consistently involved in the definition of outcomes, the design of Research Projects and the information of patients. In addition the Patient Cluster also make sure that there is a reliable bi-directional flow of information within and outside of the Alliance. For the first time in a major research project, the patient community sits at the table as truly equal partners to researchers, industry and regulators. The HARMONY Patient Cluster experience will also be captured and promoted in publications and on social media. Link to the Patient Organizations >

HARMONY Associated Members

What does becoming a HARMONY Associated Member mean? If you become one of our HARMONY Associated Members, the data that you share with HARMONY will contribute to the extraction of relevant insights, as well as to the identification and definition of uniform and HM specific outcomes that are relevant to patients and healthcare providers across Europe. We already count with 39 Associated Members who will ultimately help us answer our research questions, but who will also be able to formulate their own research proposals. Link to all current Associated Members >