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5. Algorithms to interpret and investigate big data

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To fight blood cancers effectively, we have to understand the disease inside out. We have to identify yet not discovered patterns and dependencies to find the key to more effective treatment.

Today, the critical questions in the field of blood cancer research can only be answered by studying large numbers of patients. The HARMONY Big Data Platform enables the HARMONY researchers to characterize the molecular landscape of Hematologic Malignancies, understand their pathophysiology, and identify novel drug targets.

It will allow predicting disease course and drug response for patients reliably. Ultimately, this should result in tools to rapidly select the most promising treatment strategy for a particular patient. From this point, we can talk about the application of personalized medicine in real life data.

Data-driven science can help to meet the needs of blood cancer patients by increasing treatment efficacy, decreasing adverse effects, prolonging survival, and increasing patients’ quality of life.

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by HARMONY Partner: Gastone Castellani, Professor of Applied Physics and Biophysics at the University of Bologna

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