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Data science to speed up research

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Data science can help to speed up research for the good of the patients. We have developed a unique HARMONY Big Data Platform with > 90.000 anonymized European patient records. Our Big Data Platform is a milestone in Blood Cancer research.

HARMONY researchers and data scientists are using this Big Data Platform to find out how we can

HARMONY researchers and data scientists work with a wide range of anonymized data such as demographic and medical history data, diagnosis data, omics data, treatment data, quality of life data and healthcare economic resources data.



Note: updated per December 2021

Safe and secure data

When it comes to data anonymization, storage and privacy, HARMONY upholds the highest standards – watch the explanatory video.

Big data for big questions

To answer the key outstanding questions about blood cancer, researchers need harmonized and high-quality data on treatment outcomes in thousands of patients. Leading research teams are making use of innovative Big Data analytic tools, creating a wealth of information to answer critical questions about these diseases. Read our #Bigdataforbloodcancer Blogs.

Bringing together data, collaboration and trust for advances in medicineby HARMONY Partner: Michel van Speybroeck/JPNV-JANSSEN

Artificial intelligence to decode Hematologic Malignancies, by HARMONY Partner Gastone Castellani/University of Bologna.


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