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New IMI project launched: EHDEN, European Health Data & Evidence Network

November 26, 2018 13:10 - x 00, 0 - 00:00

EHDEN, the IMI project for European Health Data & Evidence Network started its 5 year program. EHDEN aims to harmonize clinical data and aims to develop a 21st centure ecosystem for real work health research in Europe. Like HARMONY, EHDEN is also part of the IMI Big Data for Better Outcome Program, BD4BO.

Today, in Europe, we are challenged to generate insights and evidence from real world clinical data at scale, to support patients, clinicians, payers, regulators, governments, and the pharmaceutical industry in understanding wellbeing, disease, treatments, outcomes and new therapeutics and devices. Unfortunately, such data is difficult to use at scale, in a myriad of languages, systems and structures, with challenging policy restrictions and technology considerations. Consequently, using real world data for research, reflective of what happens for patients in their own experience of healthcare, is very challenging.

The mission of EHDEN is to provide a new paradigm for the discovery and analysis of health data in Europe, by building a large-scale, federated network of data sources standardised to a common data model. EHDEN will build on prior projects, such as EMIF and EHR4CR, in scaling their original intents and technologies.

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