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Where to find us at the 25th Annual Congress of EHA, virtual edition Virtual Edition.

June 12, 2020 09:10 - x 00, 0 - 00:00

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s leading hematology congress run by the European Hematology Association (EHA) will be held as a 10-day virtual meeting.

25th Annual Congress of EHA: On June 11−14, satellite symposia, oral abstract presentations, e-Posters, plenary presentations, and ‘updates in hematology’ sessions will be made available on the virtual congress platform. Subsequently, on June 15−21, there will be themed days that focus on the different subspecialties of hematology. 

The days that are of particular interest to the HARMONY community are: Acute leukemia, June 15; Chronic myeloid neoplasms, June 19; Chronic lymphoid neoplasms, June 20 and Lymphoma, June 21.

Listen to the HARMONY EHA25 oral presentation 

Title: Novel insight into gemomic classification and prognosis in Acute Myeloid Leukemia based on a pan-European Public-Private Partnership, the HARMONY Alliance 

HARMONY Partner Lars Bullinger, Charité Berlin, will discuss the significance of the HARMONY Big Data Platform. He will report findings from HARMONY’s proof-of-principle study in Acute Myeloid Leukemia, which demonstrates how combining large data sets on AML can provide novel insights into the genomic classification and prognosis of this disease.
Read the abstract >
Lars Bullinger will also be participating in a live Q&A panel discussion on June 15 (19:00−19:45). Find out more about the live Q&A >

View the HARMONY EHA25 e-Posters 

Title: A new risk stratification strategy in newly diagnosed Multiple Myeloma: An analysis on mature data from European clinical trials within the HARMONY Big Data Platform 

HARMONY Partner Mattia D'Agostino, Università di Torino, and peers will present their work on a new risk stratification strategy for newly diagnosed Multiple Myeloma.
Read the abstract >

Title: Prognostic significance of IKZF1 alterations in adult B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia: potential of HARMONY Alliance Big Data analysis for precison medicine 

HARMONY Associated Member Jordi Ribera, PETHEMA Group and peers will present their work on the prognostic significance of IKZF1 gene alterations in adult B-cell precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
Read the abstract >

All oral and e-Poster presentations will be made available on demand on the virtual congress platform as of June 12 (08:30 CEST) and will be accessible until October 15, 2020. In order to attend, you need to be registered as an EHA conference participant. Browse the full EHA25 program and register here.

Visit the virtual HARMONY booth at the EHA25 virtual exhibition, to learn more about our research projects in Hematological Maligancies and find out how you can become a part of our mission.



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