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Work Package 1: Project Management


WP1 has been set the objective of providing the Alliance with an overall scientific and governance structure that will facilitate collaboration, support, and effective supervision among all our partners. Such a clear statement of goals and expected outcomes will ensure the quality and timeliness of deliverables and that the project’s objectives are effectively managed.


WP1 Partners

AEMPS, Amgen, AP-HP, Barts Health, Bayer, BfArM, Celgene, EAPM, EBMT, EHA, ELN, EORTC, Erasmus MC, ERIC, FisM Onlus, GFM, GMV, Goethe University, GPOH, GRAALL, GRL-SANGER, HHU, HULAFE, IECSCYL-IBSAL, IJC, Janssen, LeukaNET, LMU, LYSA, MediSapiens, MediUni Wien, Menarini, MML, MU, Newcastle University, NICE, Novartis, OPBG, SYNAPSE, Takeda, UCAM, Ulm University, UNIBO, UNITO, University of Helsinki, University of Navarra, University of Rome Tor Vergata, University of York, VHIO, VIB, VUMC.

Achievements 2017

WP1 has: