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Work Package 3: Data Access


WP3 has been assigned the task of creating a common data model, to support homogenization of the data creation of relationships among the datasets. This will facilitate comparisons between treatments, patient histories, and clinical and demographic data.


WP3 Partners

Bayer, Celgene, EBMT, ELN, EORTC, GMV, HULAFE, IBSAL, Janssen, LeukaNET, MediUni Wien, Menarini, Novartis, Takeda, Ulm University, UNIBO, University of York.

First Year Achievements

Considerable progress has been made in terms of establishing the Big Data platform and the methodology for analyzing data:

Outlook 2018

WP3 will expand the recently established Harmony big data platform in 2018 with an initial focus on AML, followed by MDS and CLL structures and data.


Work Package Leadership