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Work Package 5: Data Analytics for Evaluation of Therapies


WP5 will work on providing the means for analyzing complex data sets comprised of different layers of information. This will enable molecular and clinical data to be linked to predicting outcomes. Its activity will be centered on the description, analysis, and modeling of the data collected, which will then be generated into a personalized medicine framework. Tools and models will be implemented to answer the most important disease-specific questions and will be applicable to cross-disease analyses. 


Work Package Partners

AEMPS, Amgen, AP-HP, Barts Health, Bayer, BFArM, EBMT, ELN, EORTC, Erasmus MC, ERIC, FISM Onlus, GFM, GMV, Goethe University, GPOH, GRAALL, GRL-SANGER, HHU, HULAFE, IECSCYL-IBSAL, IJC, Janssen, LeukaNET, LMU, LYSA, MediSapiens, MenarinI, MLL, MU, Newcastle University, NICE, Novartis, OPBG, Takeda, Ulm University, UNIBO, UNITO, University of Cambridge, University of Helsinki, University of Navarra, University of Rome Tor Vergata, University of York, VHIO, VIB, Vumc.

Work Package Leadership