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Access Evidence Framework for innovative technologies for HMs

HARMONY, Multi-stakeholder


Currently, there is a lack of a consistent set of clinical and economic evidence that can guide decision-makers in relation to HM. This is primarily about a framework that considers both clinical and patient perspectives, the challenges facing new classes of HM drugs, and jurisdictional differences across Europe.

HARMONY will identify how decision-makers – regulatory, HTA, and payers – decide on requirements for specific HM outcome measures in their assessments. The framework will take into account factors such as efficacy/safety, comparative effectiveness, and the clinical aspects that influence cost-effectiveness, clinical transition points, patient-reported outcomes, and health-related quality of life.

Project Partnership

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Project Summary

To achieve the project’s goals, HARMONY will undertake a review of relevant information from public agencies. This was divided into 3 phases:

HARMONY aims to provide a consistent approach to coordinating regulatory / HTA and payer data across projects and streamlining applications to individual agencies. All identified collaborative partners will contribute to the tasks and outcomes.