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About HARMONY Alliance Core Outcome Sets

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Core Outcomes Sets, Delphi

One of the HARMONY Alliance aims is to increase consistency in future clinical trials, allowing for the results to be compared and combined. To do this, clinical trials need to use consistent core outcomes.

Dedicated research teams have been working on core outcome sets since the start of both the HARMONY and the HARMONY PLUS projects, in close collaboration with patients, clinicians, industry, and regulators/Health Technology Assessment bodies. The results can form the basis for future improvements in patient management.  

Find below an overview of information and publications.

What are core outcome sets (COS) and why do we need help from patients, clinicians, regulators and drug developers?

From 2018 until 2022 multiple Delphi Surveys have been conducted to develop COS. For each Delphi Survey specific documentation was established, including patient information and the Delphi Study Protocols. 

A novel approach was developed: the Delphi Hackathon.


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