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Blood Cancer Awareness Month and #bigdataforbloodcancer Campaign 2023

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Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2023 

During Blood Cancer Awareness Month - September 2023 - we stand by patients with blood cancer and their families.The theme for Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2023 is #ThisIsBloodCancer. 

During this month, we would like to seize the opportunity again to showcase the mission and work of HARMONY researchers. We would like to raise awareness and explain the meaning of ‘Big Data’ in clinical blood cancer research for patients. In addition, we would like to showcase how anonymized and harmonized data is ‘handled’ and ‘used’ by our project teams in the various hematological malignancies which are currently being studied. 

In September 2023, we will connect online with the various individual blood cancer awareness days and related campaigns conducted by disease-specific patient organizations. With our communication and dissemination activities, we hope we will make a meaningful contribution. This is an overview of the blood cancer awareness days:

#bigdataforbloodcancer Awareness Day 2023

At the end of the Blood Cancer Awareness Month on 30 September 2022, the 3rd Big Data for Blood Cancer Awareness Day will take place. By means of videos and social media posts, we will elaborate on how data-driven science will increase treatment efficacy, decrease adverse effects, prolong survival, and improve patients’ quality of life. 



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