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Mini-series on Big Data: three videos that explain it all

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The term ‘Big Data’ is more commonly being used by stakeholders; such data are described as having ‘transformative potential’ – but what exactly is 'Big Data' in healthcare, how and why is HARMONY using it and what does it mean for people with Hematologic Malignancies? Watch our short video series to find out.

We have provided three videos to explain HARMONY's vision, the meaning of Big Data in Hematology, how Big Data fit into the medical landscape of Hematologic Malignancies (blood cancers) and how HARMONY is using such data to improve outcomes for patients. Common questions around the topic of data security and privacy are also addressed.

Video one: Explaining Big Data and blood cancers: an introduction

This video provides a short introduction to Big Data and illustrates how HARMONY is using such data to accelerate the development of new treatments for Hematologic Malignancies.


Video two: Explaining the need for Big Data

The second video communicates why Big Data are essential for conducting novel, large-scale research that accelerates drug development, regulatory evaluation, access appraisal and treatment strategies in Hematologic Malignancies.


Video three: Explaining ethics, data quality, safety and privacy

When it comes to data anonymization, storage and privacy, HARMONY upholds the highest standards – the final video in our series explains this.

HARMONY uses data on Hematologic Malignancies obtained from a multitude of sources, including hospitals, clinical trials, biobanks and pharmaceutical companies. The collected data are carefully checked, standardized and anonymized by the HARMONY Big Data Platform before being mined to generate meaningful evidence that can be used to conduct important research. As of December 2019, the Platform had identified 45 000 patient datasets, making it one of the largest databases of its kind.

Useful resouces

View and download our Big Data infographic, which explains how the Platform works. 

Read more about the use of Big Data analytics across HARMONY’s focus areas.

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