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Work Package 2: Definition of Outcomes


WP2 is focused on defining the specific questions that are relevant to each hematological malignancy (HM). The coordination of the data that emerges will ensure that results will be generally applicable to patients with blood cancers. WP2 will define what outcomes need to be achieved in terms of each type of blood malignancy, including both clinical outcome measures and the description of which factors are relevant for both patients and caregivers. Read more about the HM focus and the HARMONY Research Projects >


Work Package Partners

AEMPS, AIEOP, Amgen, Barts Health, Bayer, Celgene, BfArM, Erasmus MC, ERIC, FISM Onlus, GFM, Goethe University, GPOH, GRAALL, HHU, HULAFE, IECSCYL-IBSAL, IJC, Janssen, LeukaNET, LMU, LYSA, Menarini, MU, Newcastle University, NICE, Novartis, OPBG, SYNAPSE, Takeda, University of Ulm, UNAM, UNIBO, UNITO, University of Cambridge, University of Navarra, University of Rome Tor Vergata, VHIO, VUMC.

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