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Work Package 7: Dissemination, Communication, and Training


WP7 will play a pivotal role in the entire project. For HARMONY to succeed, it is critical that the data and information gathered is disseminated and shared widely. The free flow of information through multi-layered communication channels will engage key stakeholders.


Work Package Partners

AEMPS, Amgen, AP-HP, Barts Health, Bayer, BFArM, Celgene, EAPM, EBMT, EHA, ELN, EORTC, Erasmus MC, ERIC, FISM Onlus, GFM, GMV, Goethe University, GPOH, GRAALL, GRL-SANGER, HHU, HULAFE, IBSAL, IJC, Janssen, LeukaNet, LMU, LYSA, MediSapiens, MediUni Wien, Menarini, MLL, MU, Newcastle University, NICE, Novartis, OPBG, Synapse, Takeda, Ulm University, UNIBO, UNITO, University of Cambridge, University of Helsinki, University of Navarra, University of Rome Tor Vergata, University of York, VHIO, VIB, Vumc.

Work Package Leadership 

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