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Big data to improve the care for people with Myeloma

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The HARMONY Alliance aims to improve the care for people with Myeloma. We have created a unique Big Data Platform with > 90.000 anonymized European patient records. Our partnership with more than 100 organizations will accelerate blood cancer research.

HARMONY Big Data Analytic tools are used to enable doctors to rapidly select the most promising treatment strategy for an individual patient. In addition, we develop Core Outcome Sets for blood cancers and organize activities for various audience groups in the blood cancer field. The active involvement of patient organizations ensures that our work is well-aligned with the needs of patients with leukemia.

Patients involved

Among HARMONY’s partners are 9 European patient umbrella organizations, the HARMONY Patient Cluster, including Leukanet, Acute Leukemia Advocates Network (ALAN), CCI Europe/Childhood Cancer International, CLL Advocates Network (CLLAN), CML Advocates Network, Lymphoma Coalition, International MDS Alliance, Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) and MPN Advocates Network. Our patient advocates and their patient communities are involved in defining Core Outcomes Sets, designing Research Projects and interacting with patients and their families.

Our activities in Myeloma

Our Focus

Our Key Research Questions

Our Research Projects

Our Delphi Projects

HARMONY Patient Organization Partner for Myeloma


#BigDataforBloodcancer: Ananda Plate, of Myeloma Patients Europe, explains the need and the role of patients HARMONY.

#BigDataforBloodcancer: Solène Clavreul, of Myeloma Patients Europe, explains what kind of research patients can develop within HARMONY.


#BigDataforBloodcancer: Mattia D'Agostino, of University of Turin, explains the new risk stratification model for Multiple Myeloma.



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