Work Packages


Working Together to Maximize HARMONY’S Results

Started in January 2017, HARMONY has a deadline of 60 months to accomplish its goal of assembling, analyzing, harmonizing, and communicating comprehensive data-sets (incorporated into a big data platform) on the treatment of hematologic malignancies (HM).

In meeting the challenge of identifying trends and correlations that will improve patient treatment and enhance the decision-making and diagnostic skills of all the stakeholders, we have divided the work between 8 separate, but interconnected teams, Work Packages (WP), responsible for: Project Management; Definition of Outcomes; Data Access; Data Platform; Data Analytics; Payer/Provider/HTA/EMA Alignment; Dissemination and Communication; Legal, Ethical can Governance.

Each WP is composed of cohorts of specialists and organizations/enterprises that represent high-level expertise in their particular fields. Read more about our activities per WP and click on the links below.